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IGNOU course

IGNOU course

Different IGNOU Courses are given in the Indira Gandhi National Open University. It is the world’s premiere university that offers quality tutorials through distance learning education. The main aim of the institution is to provide cost-efficient and high standards of open education along with distance learning courses.
Opened in 1985, IGNOU also owns the secretariats of the SAARC Consortium on Open and Distance Learning as well as the Global Mega Universities Network (GMUNET) which both are UNESCO provided. Both of these are national resource centers which offer quality distance education to learners worldwide.

Different online courses are made open for Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s, Advanced Diploma and Diploma, Advanced Certificate and Certificate, Appreciation and Non-Program Degrees.

IGNOU Distance Courses
The most sought Online Courses that IGNOU offers to their learners are as follows:

Certificate in Food Safety (CFS)
IGNOU has initiated the CFS course as a career online program, by mastering the areas of food safety and quality food handling which targets top-caliber education and training to suffice the manpower deficiencies.

MA in Library Science
This program is well suited for aspiring librarians and bookkeepers.

Business Process Outsourcing- Finance and Accounting
This course is designed to boost employment and employee satisfaction in the BPO sector. Theoretical and practicum courses are offered by well-known professors.

Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation
The course targets students who want to boost their managerial skills in displacement, resettlement and rehabilitation.

Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Law
This 6 month to 2 years course prepares soon to be professionals for the technology world and the cyber laws governing it.

• Postgraduate Diploma for Acupuncture
This course is best for medical-oriented individuals who dare to explore the wonderful world of acupuncture. It offers students assignments, practicum sessions, web conferences and post tests about the fundamentals, theories, and the mechanisms behind acupuncture therapy.

• Spanish Degree Online
The beauty of the Spanish Language has encouraged IGNOU to offer distance courses for Spanish Classes especially for students who want to learn more about the most common dialect in the world. With the joint venture of Instituto Cervantes, online students could claim online certificates by mastering the Spanish Language. Time rates for every session are very much flexible.

• Master of Intellectual Property Law
Through enrolling in this course, a student could learn how to deal with property issues by protecting personal property and by familiarizing the intellectual property laws.



• ACT-Online training program for Teachers
Students could eventually become professional like their mentors by studying online on how to become a distance learning trainer or tutor. The program is called as the Academic Counselors Training- Online (ACT-Online).

• Appreciation Programs on Sustainability Science
This IGNOU course boosts the potentials of professional workers such as administrative, educator, scientists and law-makers. The setting is conducive for learning and it is made environmentally-friendly and socially orienting for students.
Other schools of IGNOU also offer degree courses with different specialties, like Vocational Training, Visual Arts and Translation Studies.

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